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International Trading

GEETA Marketing Co. Ltd. is focused on the import and export of a wide variety of consumer products including those related to the food and beverage industry. This allows us to be well versed in both domestic and international commercial trade regulations and procedures. Our expertise of the local Thai market allows us to offer a wide variety of indigenous foods, grains and handicrafts products and can support both bulk and store-ready prepacked orders.

Our long history has required us to constantly stay ahead of the game. Faster communications, better market information, new approaches and new solutions: these are what have given us flexibility, advantage and edge across changing times and circumstances. Export knowledge is ingrained in our organization - we understand that edge is as important to your business as it is to ours. And you will judge us by how far our export solutions keep you in the forefront.


Grains and Foods

We export all varieties of pulses, peas, beans, lentils etc to a number of countries including United States, Canada, India etc., at very competitive prices and deal with some of the largest importers in these countries.

Seed color and size determine the appearance of grain legumes such as lentils, beans. We use the latest technology to provide you well graded 100% Sortex clean grains with every single grain being the same size, color, spotless with minimal broken grains.

Our chief exports include numerous grades of:

Beans/Lentils – Peeled/Unpeeled/Split
Urad Dal
Moong Dal
Masoor Dal
Channa Dal
Red Kidney beans
Chick peas

100% sortex
size: 1mm

100% sortex
size: 1mm

100% sortex
size: 1mm

100% sortex
size: 1mm

100% sortex
size: 1mm

Our flours are prepared in special mills to deliver the right texture. We sort through hundreds of variations of spices and carefully pick and blend those that will enhance the dining experience.

Dhokla flour
Bangal gram (besan) flour
Rice flour
Urad flour

Other Indian branded products
MDH masalas
Dabur products
MTR Ready to eat

Spices from our kitchen
Jeera Powder
Dhaniya Powder
Garam Masala
Elaichi Powder
Kaali Mirch Powder
Red Chilli Powder

Canned products
Coconut Milk
Red Kidney beans


Our exports team will manage the complete process from taking the order to delivering it to your door. We’re registered with FDA authorities in multiple countries and well versed in all shipment and financial documentation requirements.

Grains and Foods  |  Thai Handicrafts 




Thai Handicrafts Export Operations

A new segment of our export business capitalizes on the growth trajectory of artificial flowers and traditional Thai handicrafts. Our intimate knowledge of the local Thai market allows us to effectively source and ship a diverse range or products including:



Decorative flower vases

Blue Potters Lacquered Ware

Carved Potteryware


Bamboo/Wooden products

Decorative Umbrellas

Carved Book Chests

Rattan Baskets


Silken Bags & products associated with traditional Thai Silk

Silk purse

Silk pouch

Silken box


Grains and Foods  |  Thai Handicrafts 



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